When the Prince came to town who better to show him how to make his own jacket and plus fours than Shonag and Calum Macleod, 13 North Shawbost,


We think this photo was taken about 1925, obviously at some picnic, possibly when Murchadh Chalum Mhòir bought his first bus. The ladies are well dressed and wouldn’t look of place at the royal garden party.

BACK ROW. L to R. Màiri Chalum Bàin: Peigi Tharmoid ‘An Mhòir: Bellag ‘An Chiolam: Barabal an t-Seòldair:
FRONT ROW . L to R. Ciorstag Choinnich ‘An Choinnich: Kate Tàgaidh: Miss Martin (teacher): Cairstiona Aonghais ‘An Aonghais: Catriona Chalum Mhòir: Cairstiona Choinnich Bess: Màiri Tàgaidh:


Pictured below are the family of the late Donald & Malina MacDonald of 36 South Shawbost. Eight of a family was by no means unusual when they were growing up. Kate Anna, the eldest, at 81 is 18 years older than her youngest brother Colin, now 63. Nach iad a tha fortannach gu bheil iad fhathast slan le cheile.

They are from left to right: Kate Ann, Iain, Katie Bell, Colin, Alexina, Calum, Anna, Alasdair