Comman Eachdraidh an Taobh Siar was constituted in 1981 and covers the geographical area from Arnol to Dalbeg on the westside of the Isle of Lewis ( see location map).

The archives are based in Ionad Na Seann Sgoil (The Old School Centre) in Shawbost. There is a large display of photographs and other illustrative material and ledgers of information on the history of the separate townships of Arnol, Bragar, Shawbost and Dalbeg.

(Ionad Na Seann Sgoil is a community run centre managed by the Shawbost Old School Trust providing a range of services to the surrounding community, visitors, volunteer groups and businesses.)

Comann Eachdraidh an Taobh Siar are pleased to announce that the 2 year Croft History Project covering the villages of Dalbeag, Shawbost, Bragar and Arnol has been completed. This project was supported financially by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Western Isles Enterprise & Leader +.

The main aim of the project was to research 100 years of croft history. This was achieved and we have managed to detail every croft in the area. We have some records dating back to the mid 1700’s, and in many cases photographs of current and previous tenants.

The information gathered is going to be available for public viewing in the form of an exhibition. Dates and times will be publicised on our website and advertised in the local paper and radio.

The project would like to thank our Project Manager – Angela Macleod, the volunteers, the community as a whole and our funders. None of this would have been possible without their support.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Comann Eachdraidh an Taobh Siar Committee (2008).





The Comann Eachdraidh have a group of able volunteers but we are always looking for additional volunteers who can help in any way. Examples of work currently being carried out are going through back-dated copies of the Stornoway Gazette, researching rent rolls, checking census figures, photography, planning and organizing exhibitions, fund raising. So, it’s not all about meetings!

The Comann Eachdraidh would like to extend their thanks to all those who have so far come forward with information and photographs.

Comann Eachdraidh Appeal

The Comann Eachdraidh are appealing for any old recordings, reel to reel or tapes, cine film or video of the Westside area with a view to holding copies in the Comann Eachdraidh archives and perserving them for future generations. If you can help call or email on the contact details below.

All donated tapes etc will be returned to contributors after we have made copies.

Archive Material

Links on this page give information related to the Society and it aims. To view archive materials click on the Archives link. This section of the site has it's own links and will be extended as time goes on.



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